We offered to redesign and develop a new version of The past year left a toll on Lidingoloppet with restrictions and cancelled events.

The challenge

2020 posed a major challenge for the Lidingöloppet race with pandemic restrictions and adjustments when races were canceled. Previously, the Lidingöloppet race had also realized that increased competition in the market (more races, more players) meant shrinking margins but also demands on race organizers. They needed to be more clear about who they are, what they offer, and be able to answer the question from participants "Why should I run your race? ” In 2019, Lidingöloppet also began a brand identity project where they started by identifying the “why”, and continued by letting campaign activities focus on the new. The work was supposed to be completed in 2020, but the pandemic put it on hold. In 2021, the focus has been on developing a new logo, a new color profile and a new brand identity book. However, since the web is responsible for basically all sales, it felt natural that the primary external platform also needed a facelift.

With a new brand update and a limping industry, we at ted&gustaf wanted to offer our services and give the site a new design, user experience and technical implementation. Since we earlier this year had started working on a new UX experience, we developed a new digital profile and began to work with smoother sponsor placement and a better information structure.


The Solution

The biggest focus has been on the UX / UI to produce a digitally adapted version of the profile colors in the new brand (The new brand a was developed separately by an external brand agency). The result is a user-friendly experience, with modern technology at its core, where runners can find races faster, more info and how to register.

When the visitor logs on to the TCS Lidingöloppet race, the impression of the forest and the reace environment is striking. Clear headings and framed pictures provide inspiration and few clicks lead to registration and practical information, regardless of which race you are interested in.

The benefits

For the Lidingö race, the new design gives more freedom in sponsor placement and sales to potential sponsors. This is the first step in working with the information structure and whether it is a race or an event, the user must always understand of how the pages are structured. A result of a well-organized site for users is also improves planning for the responsible editors at Lidingöloppet.

The insights

  • The work with the digital profile at Lidingöloppet has just begun. The important thing is to create the building blocks that improve the upcoming development of the pages and campaigns on the website.

  • The underlying code is also an ongoing work. We always strive for the best possible experience for the editors. We listen and take in the desired needs and create a safer work environment for everyone involved.

  • Keeping all parties involved from the beginning is always preferable. Since the branding work was a bit delayed, we had to make decisions about e.g. improved digital versions of the colors. The preparatory work with the site's design turned out to be so close to the value of the final colors that the adjustment was ultimately minimal.

  • The location of the sponsor block and the entire sponsorship journey can always be improved. At the moment, it is important that the Lidingöloppet race gets a chance to experience the new design, what they can offer sponsors in the future and what possible improvements need to be made later.

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