IIS.Net a great resource

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IIS.net a great resource of information that easily passes you by. Small tips of how to use the web server to optimize your site, on startup take it for a warm-up and much more.

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IIS.Net a great resource

One site that you, at least I have, easily forget about while searching for new things to use while working web development is the IIS.Net. The new IIS 7 has become so powerful and easy to work with that new modules are constantly making the web server it self an extremely powerful resource of the developer. Before you had to do most things with code, but make sure you check out this site before your next project it might actually give you some tips.

IIS.Net has truly grown into become a great resource so I though I would post some links to some of the nice modules! If you have any other thoughts, ideas or great tools don't hesitate to comment below or email them to me!

Search engine optimization toolkit

Reference: http://www.iis.net/download/SEOToolkit

Is a toolkit that offers functionality to analyze content of your site to optimize the site’s content, functionality for automatically generate sitemaps and robots files. Really easy to use and helpful.

URL Rewrite module

Reference: http://www.iis.net/download/URLRewrite

Gives your web server built-in support for friendly URL rewriting and mapping.

Application warm-up

Reference: http://www.iis.net/download/ApplicationWarmUp

If your web application is quite large and/or dependant on caching, this is a perfect feature for you. On application start the web server browses predefined URLs to startup the application and enables the cache to be built-up.

I hope this gave some of you an insight!