How to get the simple address of a page in EPiServer

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This post explains how to get the simple address of a page, if any. As it turns out, it's just a matter of getting the PageExternalURL property.

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The following code snippet shows how to retrieve the simple address of an EPiServer page.

If you want to retrieve the friendly URL of an EPiServer page instead, please see my post on How to get the friendly URL of a page in EPiServer CMS.

Implementing the GetSimpleAddress() method

The following method returns the simple address of a page in EPiServer:

public string GetSimpleAddress(PageData page) 
    string url; 
    //Fetch the simple address 
        url = (string)page.Property["PageExternalURL"].Value; 
        url = string.Empty; 
    //Return the regular URL if no simple address was found 
    return (url != string.Empty ? url : page.LinkURL);