Living with my iPad: not starting up!

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I really want to write all good things about the IPad, but first a small and minor and very much solvable issue, with my new IPad. This small pad has really...

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I really want to write all good things about the iPad, but first a small and minor and very much solvable issue, with my new iPad.

This small pad has really brought along so many new things and I really do think this is a big change. This is truly a milestone as much as the mobile phone was when it first came. What the pads really do I think is to bring down the barriers that for examples laptops easily creates. This is the way towards ubiqutous computing, that I'm really looking forward to. For me it has definitely increased the amount of blogs and posts that I read daily and will change the way I work in many ways. Well more about this later, now my first setback.

We will get into more about developing with and for iPad and iPhone as well, but this series of blog posts will be about experiencing the change this new technology is bringing.

My first negative experience – iPad not starting

I had been playing with the pad during the day, reading some posts and even watching some videos. I hadn’t gotten any info about the battery being out or running out so I got very confused when it didn’t start. I just kept black.

Naturally I got a little bit upset and worried that my now only one and a half month old pad had died. Well what do you do when stuff like this happens, well turn to Internet for help.

Unfortunately I would probably first say, but in the same time fortunately for me that I found a lot of people experiencing the same thing. I found this post: iPad Tip – Turn Off / Shutdown or Fix iPad Not Starting Up

I got one sound and very simple advice: reset it if it is not starting up. I had also tried to load it if I had missed it draining out, but not even a small apple on the screen while loading.

How do you do to reset it, well it is easy:

Hold Home and Sleep/wake button for 10 seconds and wait for the apple, The Apple.

Once this was done… It came alive, for me any way!

Still very happy with my pad, no worries on that front, just a natural bump on the road.

Did it only take you one step on the way?

Well I read about a guy (on MacForum on, in swedish) that tried to use this method. What happened was that the Apple did appear, but that was the end, from that it didn't go further just froze. So the solution for him was:


Hold Home and Sleep/wake button for 20 seconds and wait for the apple, iTunes to reset the iPad.

What apparently happened was that iTunes started and asked the user if a reset was requested. After this it finally started, but perhaps you should be a little bit more aware for such a reset. It sounds like it would erase most things, anyone knows?