Debugger is not working in VS 2010

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Having problems with debugging in Visual Studio 2010 even though you are running it as an administrator?

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Suddenly I was starting to have problems with the debugger in Visual Studio 2010. The only thing that I had changed was start working on a new project. I asked myself, what now?

Of course I started to think what had changed or what could’ve changed in my environment. So first things to start with were:

  • Running Visual Studio as an administrator?
  • Is debug set to true in the web.config
  • Was I running the right .Net framework and the application compiled for the same etc.

Worth mentioning is that this was an ASP.Net application. All though all the above mentioned “errors” or “blunders” are otherwise common and also the first things you should always check if something like this happens. This wasn't enough for me, something else was wrong as well. So the search went on.

I also did some Googeling and found som other interesting issues that obiviously could cause this. If you are experiencing the same issues here are some more to read:

For me it was a very simple problem. I was running the application pool under a domain account, so that I could access the shared files. Since this domain account didn't have administrators privileges this caused some some problems for the debugger. Once giving this account administrative rights it started to work.

You always learn something new.