Changes to how ETF UI controls are rendered in EPiServer

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With ETF 1.1 came some breaking changes affecting ETF UI controls that mimic the appearance of EPiServer's page type property controls.

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Some ETF UI controls require a wrapping Table

Some UI controls in EPiServer Template Foundation mimic the style of EPiServer page type property controls (more specifically, this affects controls inheriting the PagePropertyStyleControlBase class).

If you’ve updated to ETF 1.1 you may run into an exception saying This control must be placed inside a Table control (reported on Codeplex). This is because the “page type property-style” controls must be placed inside a Table control.

How to fix it

Simply ensure affected controls are placed inside an ASP.NET Table control like so:

<!-- Page type property-style controls are placed inside Table control -->
<asp:Table runat="server">
<ETF:PageSelector Name="Target page" ID="TargetPage" runat="server" />
<ETF:ImageSelector Name="Icon" ID="TargetIcon" runat="server" />

<!-- Other ETF UI controls cannot (and should not) be placed inside a Table control -->
<ETF:ToolButton Text="Add target" ButtonType="Add" OnClick="AddTargetButtonClicked" runat="server" />

Affected controls

This change affects any ETF control inheriting PagePropertyStyleControlBase:

  • DateSelector
  • DocumentSelector
  • DropDownList
  • ImageSelector
  • LinkSelector
  • ListBox
  • PagePropertyStyleControl
  • PageSelector
  • TextBox