Getmac: a great but hidden command

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Ever had the problem with too many Tunnel adapters while searching for your MAC-address with the ipconfig command. Getmac is the command you are searching for!

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I have a small problem on my machine, when trying to get hold of my MAC-address. The normal way to get hold of the MAC- and IP-addresses on your machine is to write: ipconfig /all.

Worth mentioning is that these commands are done in the command utility: c:\Windows\System32\cmd.exe run in Administrator mode on a Windows 7 64-bit machine.

For sometime now while running that command I get a list of like 30 Tunnel adapters that creates a response that is too long for scrolling. To get hold of the MAC-address on my connection is then literally impossible. I know that you can request a certain adapter as well, but during this quest I found a very nice and for me hidden command.

GETMAC – came to my rescue! So now I only get the active connections and their physical addresses in a very readable way! While running this command, just wait since it takes a little time and this is the result: