Petition for an EPiServer source code browser

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This is a petition to ask EPiServer to provide partners with a source code browser - perhaps most important for EPiServer CMS and Relate.

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The source has to be somewhat open

I think the EPiServer API is reasonably well-documented. However, there are things you can’t (or shouldn’t) include in API documentation – things best said by the source code itself.

I don’t have a problem with EPiServer consisting of closed-source proprietary code – but that doesn’t mean I don’t have a problem with not having easy access to at least some of it. :)

We have the symbols for EPiServer (which is great), but it isn’t quite enough.

The petition so far

The following people have (openly) expressed sympathy with the petition to get an EPiServer source code browser:

  1. Marek Musielak (MarasM)
  2. Emil Cardell (emilcardell)
  3. Patrik Löwendahl (lowendahl)
  4. Fredrik Vig (frederikvig)
  5. Ted Nyberg (tednyberg)
  6. Gustaf Lindqvist (gustaflindqvist)
  7. Thomas Krantz (thomas_krantz)
  8. Patrik Totero (patriktotero)
  9. Robert Andersson (robrawbert)
  10. Bjørn Atle Isaksen (twittwitt)
  11. Christer (christerj)
  12. Hjalmar Moa (hjalmarmoa)
  13. Stefan Eriksson (stefan_eriksson)
  14. Anders Hattestad (AndersHattestad)
  15. Daniel Berg (bergdaniel)
  16. Andre Brynildsen (AndreBrynildsen)
  17. Tobias Salo (tobiassalo)
  18. John-Philip (seriemajp)
  19. Stephan Kvart (defsteph)
  20. Magnus Paulsson (magnustweet)
  21. Viktor Larsson (viktoralarsson)
  22. Marthin Freij (marthinfreij)
  23. Jonas Holm (DevsoJonas)
  24. Fredrik Haglund (fredrikhaglund)
  25. Minesh Shah (minesh1)
  26. Björn Olsson (epibjorn)
  27. Mathias Frodin (mathiasfrodin)
  28. Kristian Borg (kristianborg)
  29. Martin Söderlund (dileno)
  30. James Patterson (NoAverageGeek)
  31. Joel Williams (tentonipete)

Agree with us?

If you agree with us, go ahead and tweet “I’ll sign the petition for an #EPiServer source code browser! #episervercodebrowser” or add a comment below!

Don’t agree with us?

If you disagree that this is an acceptable (and viable) approach, please give us your opinion in the comments! Or, if you prefer, send me an e-mail. ;)

Update: This initiative doesn't come from Reflector going commercial. If it was just a matter of Reflector now costing $35 I'd just say go with ILSpy instead. :)