EPiServer World or Stack Overflow

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For development in general, Stack Overflow is among the most popular resources for finding answers on how to do stuff. Out of curiosity, I wanted to know how popular it is for EPiServer-related questions.

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In a highly non-scientific survey 49 developers answered the following two questions regarding current and preferred resources for finding answers to questions on EPiServer development.

Where do you ask technical questions about EPiServer development?

Multiple options were allowed, but evidently most people consider EPiServer World their primary source for finding answers to EPiServer-related questions.


Of the following two, which would you prefer as your primary forum?

For this question a single option had to be selected. And although 6 % said they don’t care, it seems quite a few would like to see more action on Stack Overflow.



Most people are happy with the way it is, with EPiServer World being the primary resource for EPiServer development questions. However, it’s interesting to see that 40 % would prefer Stack Overflow while only 20 % consider Stack Overflow a primary resource.

I’m guessing more would use Stack Overflow for EPiServer questions if the community was more active on there. The classic “chicken or the egg” dilemma. :)