Optimizely (previously Episerver)

The Nordics' leading platform for digital marketing, e-commerce, personalization and A/B/n testing. Optimizely weaves together CMS and Commerce in one and the same interface, which makes it easy for editors and marketers to enrich their site with both content and products. In addition, they have a tight integration with AI recommendations and A/B/n testing tools that you can use to increase your customer experience and conversion rate.



As Optimizely (formerly Episerver) Gold Partner, we are experts in the platform and its possibilities. We help and strengthen development teams and clients, both before and during ongoing website and e-commerce projects.

With the customer's business in focus and 18 years of experience, we can honestly and honestly assess whether a solution is long-term cost-effective and worth the investment.

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What is Optimizely Content Cloud?

Content Cloud is a tool for you who want to work with digital marketing and offer your customers an outstanding experience.

Functionality offered includes:

  • Hierarchical approval flows
  • Content editing with drag-and-drop functionality
  • Basic A/B testing, test two versions of your website
  • Basic segmentation, dynamic site rendering for your visitors
  • And much more...

The tool has a free framework and you can create the experience you want with the help of developers.

The platform has open APIs and gives you the ability to integrate external systems. When it comes to headless, Optimizely offers a Hybrid Headless solution, which means you can use the ready-made editor interface in your headless architecture.

Content Cloud is designed so that you as a product or site owner can focus on your business and let Optimizely take care of the technology under the hood.

Included in the platform are:

  • The world's leading CMS
  • Search and Navigation (Formerly the Premium search engine Episerver Find)
  • CDN and Ddos for better performance and higher security
  • 3 environments in Azure with all its associated security components
  • Automatically scale to meet your traffic
  • Monitoring and support 365/24/7

All functions and services are available on the same platform, i.e. no need to invest or integrate with more services to support the entire customer journey.

Optimizely Content Cloud


Who is Optimizely suitable for?

Optimizely is aimed at medium-sized and enterprise companies that want to enhance your digital experience on the web and in other channels.

Content Cloud suits you who are looking for something more than a "normal" content-rich website. Functions can be adapted and integrated with other systems and interfaces such as e.g. social media and Google Maps.

The platform is also suitable for those of you who need to scale up your website as your business grows. For example, the CMS has language management and several different websites can be created in one.

Optimizely is also suitable for those of you who have several editors and marketers and do not require any major prior knowledge.

To get the most out of Optimizely, you should have an internal or external development department or certified partner who can help you with everything from digital strategy and advice to technical development of the CMS.

Worth considering in projects with Optimizely

Everything starts and ends with the business goals. During our strategic meetings together with you, we focus on transforming your business goals and KPIs into digital goals that in turn become functions and design on your web. Read more in the blog post What gets measured gets done.

Invest in a POC or feasibility study. Too often we hear about companies that begin their change journey by looking at solutions instead of spending time really identifying and defining the higher purpose to be achieved. Instead of investing in a full-scale project after your business goals are defined, you have a lot to gain by conducting a feasibility study or POC (proof of concept). In a POC, we start from a number of hypotheses and priorities and look at the different paths that can get you there. During a preliminary study, we often gather a lot of knowledge and valuable insights that also save time and money in the upcoming project, in addition to that you increase the chances that the project will live up to your expectations and minimize the risk of possible obstacles on the way.

Don't underestimate the power of visuals in our projects, we always work with a designer and UX expert who can translate your needs and ideas into sketches, user flows and design. By working in this way, we ensure that everyone in the project team shares the same picture of what needs to be done and what the project will achieve. So-called low fi wireframes are initially used because they are not as time-consuming to produce with enough detail to realize what is to be created. If you want to know more about our stars in UX and the Design team, you can meet them here.

Last but not least, let us be that safe embrace. In a new project there is a lot to think about. Everything from, architecture, editor functionality, performance optimization, integrations, analysis, design, UX, support, further development and upgrading. Just as you and your business develop and change, so does Episerver.

Our long experience of working with CMS and web technologies as a tool to contribute to the business means that we can be that partner who both acts on your wishes but also comes with proactive initiatives and recommendations. Our work means that you should get the maximum effect from your investments, and thus it is not unusual for us to challenge you in solutions and problem formulations.

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Our experience with Optimizely (previously Episerver)

We have been working with Optimizely (Episerver) since 2009 as a way to create business value for our customers. In an initial collaboration, we usually start by developing a new or improving an existing digital strategy. This in turn results in one or more projects. In many cases, Optimizely has proven to be a suitable CMS that fulfills our customers' needs and it has proven to help them increase profitability and expand the business.

Our Optimizely projects have consisted of everything from large content-rich websites with a focus on SEO, lead generation and marketing to intranets, integrations, customized functions and E-commerce.

After a launch, we continue to work on advising and further developing our customers' websites as their needs increase and change. Over the years we have worked with different versions such as Episerver CMS 9, Episerver CMS 11, Episerver CMS 11, Episerver CMS 12, to name a few. We also work on analyzing the effect of Episerver in tools such as Google Analytics or in Episerver's own product to be able to calculate the ROI and analyze the behavior of visitors.

We also offer both general and tailor-made training in the CMS, about that you can read more about Optimizely training here.

Image_tool (1).png

An example of an Optimizely add-on feature that helps editors work efficiently with images. Learn more about Adaptive Images here.

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