Älvsbyhus house configurator

The house manufacturer Älvsbyhus created their first house in 1960 and has since delivered more than 42 000 houses to customers in Sweden, Norway and Finland. Today the business is run by the third generation Johansson.

Älvsbyhus house configurator

The challenge

A house purchase is the biggest financial decision many people do in their life, often taking a lot of time and thought.

Älvsbyhus wanted our help developing a house configurator, making it possible for the user to visualise in the best way possible what the new house will look like and thereby helping the customer creating their own dream by reducing the step between idea and purchase.


The solution

An interactive app was developed where the user can adapt different house models with colour and addons to suit their particual style. During the process, the price will adjust accordingly and there's functionality in place to save your prototype to be able to continue configurating later. You can also get a pdf with all the choices you have made.

The app is integrated with the backend system for Älvsbyhus and is visualised with the help of compositions produced by 3D-models, which makes all the choices the customer makes change the overall image you see on the screen. These choices are directly connected to the ordering system which makes it possible for the customer to create an order in the same process.

With the help of new technology we have focused our attention to usability, making it easy and intuitive to use the product.


The benefits

Engaging the customer to experiment to discover new choices and possibilities with their dreamhouse is in focus, to get the house as tailormade as possible.

The house configurator is a competitive app giving Älvsbyhus substantial possibilities to attract and engage their customers.

The insights

  • A close collaboration and good relationship between client and agency simplifies the work process, communication and decision making. Together with a clear definition of done and measurable KPI's, this makes the process smooth and seamless, which in turn will benefit all parties.
  • An engaging product which is fun to use and which creates value for the customer contributes to an emotional engagement which more often leads to a conversion.

Want to know more about the finished product?

Click on the link to try out Älvsbyhus house configurator and build your own dream house!

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