Assemblin is an installation and service partner that designs, installs and maintains technical systems for air, energy and water. The company operates in Sweden, Norway and Finland.  T&G's collaboration with Assemblin started in 2018 and we work continuously developing smart solutions for their web.

Assemblin e-commerce block section

The challenge

Assemblin continue working with improving their service and maintain their creativity on the market. To increase and simplify the purchase process for their customers, Assemblin wanted to offer package deals where both product and service were included. We got the opportunity to develop a simpler solution for e-commerce, with purpose of testing the concept on the market.

The solution

We created a light version of e-commerce for private customers which we launched on their existing web. We decided on which KPI's we wanted to follow up on and set up tracking to be able to evaluate the use of navigation, ordering process and to collect data for a foundation on which a case was to be built on to for further development. Our aim was to create a first draft of an e-commerce solution and evaluate if this was something worth taking to the next level.

The products are chosen by category and location, the customer then add products to a cart before going through with the ordering, with a payment solution separate from the website and a limited amount of products which are always in stock. The development process included layers of logic where different areas are depending on each other and will be filtered out based on the choices made by the user. 


The benefits

This is an easy way for the user to order package solutions online, that don't need special adjustments. 

With this solution, Assemblin can test out an e-commerce solution for their customers without using an external service straight away, which would mean a much larger investment. 

By implementing tracking for the different steps in the process, we can evaluate what works and where there's room for improvement. 

The insights

  • Having the whole e-commerce under one and the same URL, we need to set up other means of identification to be able to follow the steps the customer takes in their journey towards converting. 

  • It is important to remember that implementing the technical solution will not automatically lead to conversions in an e-commerce project, but it is equally important to work through a strategy to attract the target audience. 

  • By using a pilot for a project like this, we can easily test out different scenarios and designs in a cost-efficient way to produce an optimal solution. This will make it easier to test out new ideas and will also provide a more secure investment once you are ready to take the next step. 

Are you curious about the result?

Click on the link to get to Assemblin's e-commerce solution.

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