Vi-skogen is a Swedish trust which has been planting close to 120 million trees in Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda and Tanzania since 1983. The vision "A sustainable environment which makes it possible for people in poverty to improve their life", is the driving force for Vi-skogen to continue to better the future for both humans and nature.

Illustration showing a tree with a cow and a human underneath

The challenge

Vi-skogen wants their visitors to learn about their own effect on climate and at the same time present them with an opportunity to compensate for it. We got the opportunity to develop a climate calculator together with Trossa, with the aim of helping both private customers and companies to take responsibility for their consumption whilst making it a fun and informative experience. The hope is to change a behavior in the long run and have users recommend the website to others.

The solution

We designed and implemented a climate calculator which is easy and intuitive for users, encouraging engagement and curiosity whilst learning about your own impact on the environment and the effect of different means of transport.

A user, private or corporate, can put in details of their own travel consumption - whether it has already occurred or is a planned trip for the future, to get a result showing how much these travels will impact the environment. You can then also choose to add your calculated consumption to a basket and thereby purchase compensation from Vi-skogen.


The benefits

A way for users to get an overview of their impact on the environment and how to compensate for the own consumption.

The climate calculator creates engagement and interest for Vi-skogen, by offering an opportunity for users to compensate straight away.

Through implemented tracking of the different steps in the process, we can analyse how the calculator is being used and continuously work with improvements and changes.

The insights

  • Focusing on making a user experience fun can lead to that more people engage with the content, choose to share their experience with others and finally also convert themselves.
  • We are of the opinion that combining training with engagement lead to more conversions made by satisfied returning users who are happy to recommend their experience to others.

"The climate calculator simplifies the process of calculating climate impact of the environment for both private customers and companies and offers a way to compensate for it which helps fight poverty and climate change."

"ted&gustaf delivers innovative and neat solutions to a high standard. We are extremely impressed by their fast service, professional result and the collaboration as a whole."

Curious about the finished product?

Visit the climate calculator

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