AniCura Breed Selector

AniCura is a group of eminent animal hospitals and clinics specialised in pet animals. They also care for giving pets and their owners the best possible prerequisites.

AniCura Breed selector

The challenge

Which dog or cat breed suits you and your lifestyle best? That was the question AniCura wanted to help answering. They were looking for something to engage their visitors in a playful way which meant the design would be a big part in achieving that goal.


The solution

We produced an idea for a concept based on the fundamental requirements, formed like a quiz to make it playful and engaging and at the same time intuitive and accessible. The concept was targeted towards a large target group, with both families with various ages and single households in mind.


The benefits

This may very well be the starting point for many future pet owners. Both existing and potential pet owners can start forming a relationship with AniCura by taking the quiz. The quiz along with complementary information about each dog or cat breed indicates care, knowledge and contributes to a sense of security which creates returning visitors.

The insights

A relatively short and intense project where the clients requirements were clear, and we reach a finished design quickly through regular meetings.

We worked closely with our client throughout the process and had regular meetings before proceeding to the next step. Doing so enabled us to align our expectations with the same goal in mind all along the way, making it a truly joint effort. Already having a long-term relationship with AniCura helped us in the process by already being used to working together and understanding the business and their needs.

Want to know more about the finished product?

Visit the Norwegian version of the breed selector and find out which one would suit you best!

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