AniCura Group was founded in 2011 and has 6000 employees in 300 animal hospitals and clinics in 12 countries. In our collaboration with AniCura we work continuously with creating and developing a digital platform supporting a rapidly growing organisation where different target groups have different needs. The first version of the website was launched in 2014.

AniCura new design

The challenge

In 2017, the website of AniCura was facing a reconstruction, after deciding to separate the corporate part from the other country websites. This target audience had different needs in terms of content, design and functionality that was not aligning with the remaining target groups. Our mission was to help AniCura create a structure and optimise their web to meet their target groups and at the same time adapt it to improve flexibility, creativity and branding work which must be maintained and developed as the organisation is growing.

The solution

The design and functionality of the new platform was successfully launched without having to migrate content or any excessive additional training. By moving the corporate part of the site and adapting it specifically for its target group, users could more easily find the right information aimed for them.

We formed macro- and microgoals together with AniCura, based on the most valuable KPI's and set up dynamic event which automatically picks up future events of the same type. Mapping out and implementing tracking of how the site is performing does not just help creating an overview but also with future decision making concerning new functionality and design.


The benefits

Developing in a way that makes different parts of the same organisation, with different domains, still connect to same platform, makes it easier for web editors to work within various areas and reduces the total cost of ownership.

The insights

  • The target groups for a client are sometimes so separate from each other that the most logical thing is to give them their own space. With the help of analysis we can test hypotheses concerning performance of new development or testing specific parts before choosing to take another step forward.
  • Working with AniCura we've had the opportunity to collaborate with different designers along the way, but our partnership has enabled us to be responsible for the technology along the way. In long-term relationships where all parts are involved from the start, you build on and improve on communication as well as ease and flexibility in processes.
  • When there are more stakeholders and decision makers within an organisation, its both valuable and efficient with a syncronised process for decision making within the clients organisation. In our case we communicate mainly with one person who's responsible both for compiling the internal orders and who has the mandate to deliver them to us as partner.
  • The importance of well worked through UX should not be underestimated when planning being able to have several sites, in different countries and languages, under one roof. Involved partners here were Creuna and Rebel and Bird.
  • To have a thought through architecture right from the start will help in the long run in order to scale up. We also advocate releasing a stripped version early on to be tested and then work iteratively scaling up in order to meet new needs and demands along the way.
  • Finally, we want to give a heads-up not underestimating the complexity of requests which sound easy in theory. In our case we developed functionality for displaying opening hours for the different clinics. The solution became very complex early on when realising we needed to take into consideration several different exceptions to work optimally for countries with different sets of bank holiday days, time zones and needs. It was important to us to hear from the web editors who are the ones who will be updating and manage the functionality, to get as much input on needs and wants as possible before we started developing. A clear definition of done helps both the client and us to know when we have reached our goal.

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