Upsales is a Swedish SaaS company with 600 clients in 10 countries. They help small entrepreneurs as well as fast growing start-ups and international groups to run an effective sales process, generate more leads, and to drive their businesses forward.

The challenge

Upsales wanted to scale down its focus on the web to concentrate on their core business, their CRM product. They wanted a simple and logical information structure that was easy to understand and that focused on conversion.

It is easy to forget that the editor is a user as well, when discussing UX Upsales previous website had an overgrown editorial interface in Episerver as a result from previous generations of the website with properties, page types, and blocks that were poorly structured and sparingly documented.

In addition, a great deal of manual work was needed when adding reports and press releases. The wish was to remove all manual work and automate this process.


The solution

Upsales new website utilises a smaller amount of blocks and list pages with great flexibility for a simple and focused way of displaying content that is nicely structured and relevant to the visitor.

At the same time, the editor has a very flexible tool to vary the content without having to put in unnecessary time working with content. The editors interface has effectively been built up utilising repeated structure and logic for a pleasant user experience.

Integrations with Cision import reports and press releases at the exact time it is released without the editor having to publish any content manually.

The new website has also been enriched with the most powerful image module for Episerver; Adaptive Images.


The benefits

It is easy for the website visitor to get a good overview of what Upsales has to offer and to be able to find relevant content whether that is information about the product, Upsales knowledge bank, or to read IR information.

For the editor, the well structured Episerver interface is easy to work with, providing a better experience as well as saves time working with the content.

Thanks to Adaptive images, it has become much easier to handle images in different form factors where the editor can work directly with high resolution originals rather than having to keep track of suitable sizes for each occasion. In addition, the built-in CDN service for Adaptive images has largely increased the performance of the website providing much faster loading times.

The management of reports and press releases are done solely through Cision, which saves time for the editor that now only has to monitor the punctual press release import.

The insights

One of the benefits of long term customer relationships is process efficiency. With great availability and frequent meetings, you can more easily control the direction you are heading on a detailed level, in order to land the best possible solution given the framework that have been set up in terms of time och budget.

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