Klarahill is a collection of knowledgeable, local family businesses who run one fifth of the authorised agencies within Sweden's undertaker agency association (SBF). They came to us with a wish to improve the experience for their customers.

The challenge

Navigating a website can be hard enough if it is not well designed and thought through. It does not take a lot for frustration to take over when having to do so whilst having lost someone close to you. Through analysis and data, Klarahill discovered that their users had a hard time finding their way through their website. They trusted us to redo the design, focusing on simplifying the steps no matter the reason for the users visit to the website, creating an intuitive design helping each target group with their specific needs.

To sum up, our mission was to design an experience which would eliminate the threshold for finding and rather guide the user in a respectful and trustworthy way.

The solution

During a workshop with our client, we produced the primary user stories for the website and settled on a structure for all the information which became the foundation for the wireframes we created. A well designed packaging focused on accessibility and detail was the next step in the process.


The benefits

The new design enabled users from different target groups to follow a clear thread through their individual processes by a simplified layout and structure. Fewer clicks are required to reach and perform the most common activities. The user is given security by making several ways of contact more prominent.


The insights

We worked closely with our client throughout the process and had regular meetings before proceeding to the next step. Doing so enabled us to align our expectations with the same goal in mind all along the way, making it a truly joint effort.

Want to know what the end result looked like?

Visit Klarahill to experience their new and improved website

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