The aim of Verahill is to increase the sense of security in every aspect of the human life. Verahill strives towards making it as natural getting help from a family lawyer as visiting the dentist. We all need legal advice at some point in our lives.

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The challenge

The legal market in Sweden is for many people on a need to know basis. It's in many ways complicated to wrap your head around all the details so you avoid it until you actually need to. How do you stand out amongst other actors as well as demonstrating simplicity and guidance? Verahill wanted to update their look and feel as well as improve on meeting the needs of the end user. We worked closely with Verahill, focusing on accessibility and enhancing their colors especially. Furthermore we focused on setting the tone of the language used on the website, giving it a more personal voice.

The result

In connection to adjusting the colors and setting the tone and simplifying the language, we noticed a gap in the visualisations. We therefore created new illustrations in the new colors, representing all business areas covered by Verahill. A new tone of direction, new colors to update the brand and illustrations used to demonstrate the business areas of Verahill and also for marketing purposes.


The benefits

With a more accessible website, it is easier for users to make choices and find their way around. The new design has simplified the ways to get in touch, book meetings and ask questions, no matter where you are on the website. The new categories make it easy to find the right path and to understand the differences between them. The user should not have to search for too long in order to find what they are looking for, no matter the situation.



A close dialogue with the customer was beneficial in order to be able to challenge the boundaries of the existing brand guidelines. Starting the project with a workshop to synchronize expectations and overall goals allowed us to now look back on a successful project.

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